An Announcement.

Warrior Killinanto Everyone

Good people of Avalon, it pleases me to announce an occasion of joy in such a time of contention , war, and hate. As much of the continent has taken such an interest in my relationship with Eudueria I have judged it appropriate to announce this here for all to witness. As I've no gift for fine words, I shall lay it out plainly for all: my love, Eudueria, and myself have decided to wed. That is to say, I have proposed and she in her love for me has agreed.

We have employed the help of some our friends in bringing this event to fruition, and so the planning stage is now underway, and any of you who wish to help bring this about would be most welcome. Also, I wish to make it clear that all are invited to this, unfortunatly not all of the requirements are in place as of yet so I have no date to give at this time.

Now, I understand that their are many who (for some reason beyond me) have come to feel something less than love for me, and some who even have tried to part Eudueria and I for various reasons. I stand by what I have said, even you... no... especially you are welcome, all are welcome when the day of the wedding comes.

There you have it Friends. I hope this comes across as it is intended as a statement of my eternal devotion to Eudueria. My Lord willing, this will be the beginning of a pairing destined for greatness, and perhaps mark the begining of a time of healing of old wounds. A time where new beginnings may take place. At the least it marks a new beginning for me, and time of great happiness.

To all of you who love me, and to all of you who despise me. - Killinan

Written by my hand on the 24th of Eleuthral, in the year 1190.