And your point is?.

They were \"Cowering\" in an inside location were they.

Sounds like common bloody sense to me... not cowardice. I know... I know..... next time the Thaks have an avlalon ritual up I expect to see you standing stalwart in the middle of Cassiandoria square taking the battering like the brave little soldier you are. Laughting in the face of death as it were.

But then again I guess it takes a coward to recognise a coward. So I could be wrong.

Oh and congrats to esprii, narissa, eldereth and zakath. Sounds like your tactics were absolutely spot on.

Thanks to Viktar for endorsing the fact that we have such a sublime top level of fighting talent in Thakria for our young to learn from.

Xxxx Narly

Ps. Mum I won't be home for dinner tonight as I will be too busy playing hide the squirrel with my little rent boy khashakin. xxx

Written by my hand on the 24th of Midwinter, in the year 1187.