I am afraid your less than subtle attempts at propaganda are unlikely to work on

the Parrians. Not because of the charms of Zenichiro on the ladies in Parrius but

merely because of the memory of your city and your citizens in very recent


Understandably, whilst strong your city grabbed at their SOI, and negotiated from a

position of strength, bullying, talking down to, and scoffing at Parrius.

The balance has now shifted, the boot is for now on the other foot, so it is natural

normal and predictable that any gains you will have made, will be reversed. Undoubtedly

they will want reparations, which is again understandable.

From the position of weakness that your city is in currently, you would have

done well not to antagonise the Parrians with very patronising lectures but to

humbly and meekly sue for peace. Beg for a peace treaty, pay reparations, chastise

the arrogant Springdalians who wronged the Parrian leaders.

Instead, with typical springdalian egoist mannerisms you lecture them with a wagging


Your post was a true sign of desperation, the housing of over-zealous animists

clearly hasn't worked, engaging renegade sorcerors together with the sun powered holy

Paladin's has not worked. I guess we could have all expected the desperate words

of Fatalus to be next.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Leaflost, in the year 1184.