Continued. Part Three.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Contest eight should have seen Circe and Limorien facing one another. Unfortunately for

the tournament, Limorien left the lands early and thus Circe progressed to the next

round without having to fight.

Uwoiame was the competitor who received a bye in the first round (a natural result of

the number of competitors taking part) but she too had to leave the land early and so

was disqualified from the Gem Quest.

The second round saw the start of the Quarter-Finals.

Quarter-Final one - Pahn VS Zenichiro.

Zenichiro had to kill Pahn three times before progressing into the Semi-Finals and by

all accounts Pahn put up a good fight. Though unfortunately Pahn was out of time and

left Avalon immediately afterwards so I cannot confirm the details of this


Quarter-Final two - India VS Narissa.

Narissa used her traps and poisons to good effect and progressed into the Semi-Finals

after dispatching India three times before she finally became a ghost.

Quarter-Final three - Kureishi VS Kodiak.

This was the Quarter-Final I watched most closely as I suspected my own follower would

put up a better fight than expected, especially when facing the person who knocked out

his guild-mate, Dunccan. A grudge match between the Loremasters and the Paladins.

Kureishi centred himself, surrounded by his own traps, at the Path Entrance. However,

after a few short toe-to-toe exchanges Kodiak was able to summon Kureishi away from his

traps and into the area around Kenkria. Perhaps Kodiak was attempting to employ the

same tactic again, and take his opponent into an area with aggressive CCCs? Only Kodiak

knows. Fortunately for Kureishi he was able to take the edge early and killed Kodiak

twice, knocking his opponent out of the competition and himself progressing into the


Quarter-Final four - Alister VS Circe

The last Quarter-Final saw Alister facing Circe. Many times it appeared that Alister

was coping well with constricted mists and the dreaded upwards exit which Circe had

positioned herself near (for those of you who don't know, in order to fight a Mage

type, it is best to levitate to avoid Earthquake rituals. An upward exit means you

cannot levitate and stay within a pentacle when there is an exit to float up through).

After a well fought round Circe dispatched Alister in one kill and herself progressed

into the Semi-Finals.

The Tournament continued into the Semi-Final stages...

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1183.