Continued. Part Two.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Contest seven - Dunccan VS Kodiak

This contest saw Paladin Dunccan of Springdale take on Loremaster Kodiak, of Thakria.

This was perhaps the most eagerly awaited contest of the evening thus far as it is no

secret that Dunccan and Kodiak are bitter enemies. After a lot of posturing and insults

on both sides, the most effective coming from Kodiak, who told Dunccan he was standing

with Dunccan's mother, the Cyclops, in her cave, it seemed Dunccan lost his temper and

what followed was the most controversial event of the evening. Kodiak used the skill of

the Loremasters to shatter Dunccan's potions and destroy his runes, further angering

him. Dunccan, in his rage, failed to see that Kodiak was maneuvering him near Goblin

Town, a dangerous place for any Paladin. After a short toe-to-toe exchange Kodiak

summoned Dunccan away from the Dark Road, just north of Goblin Town, and then into the

heart of the underground citadel itself. The shape of the contest changed dramatically.

Kodiak was not an enemy of Goblin Town and thus the Orcs and Uruks focussed their

attentions on Dunccan, scything his pentacle, shooting him with arrows and ultimately

causing the bout to come to a premature end. It was a risky tactic employed by Kodiak

because had Dunccan been killed by the Orcs and forced to ride the ships of death, the

contest would have continued and Dunccan would have been able to start afresh.

Unfortunately for him, Kodiak was able to get the killing blow and progressed through

to the next round.

I was implored by many to restart Dunccan and Kodiak's contest amidst claims that

Kodiak's tactic was unfair, bordering on cheating. It was, and still is, my judgement

that had Kodiak led CCCs into combat then this would have been an unfair advantage and

against the spirit of the tournament. However, he did not. His tactic was to lead

Dunccan into a dangerous area of the land and to give himself the edge over his

opponent by whatever means possible. The contestants were told to stay out of the four

cities, that was the only restriction. While Kodiak's tactic is not one I would

condone, indeed it certainly gains him no respect in my eyes and ultimately warped what

could have been a splendid one-one on competition, his tactic worked and he overcame

his opponent. Sometimes dirty tactics are necessary, especially when Godhood is at


The tournament continued...

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1183.