Continued. Part One.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Contest four - Zenichiro VS Parallax

Though one of the shorter contests of the evening, but not the shortest, Parallax the

Thakrian Warlock set himself up in the Room of Stars against the Thakrian Loremaster,

Zenichiro. Zenichiro had to kill Parallax three times before winning his contest and

progressing through to the next round. By all accounts, Parallax fought with enthusiasm and deserves credit for standing his ground. Poor old Parallax later stumbled across

some traps, left by one of the other contenders, and was also defeated by the merciless

Miss Adventure. Not the most posthumous of prizes but I award Parallax The Most

Humourous Death Award, the description of which is curtesy of Genesis, the god of time.

Chin up Parallax, it could have happened to anyone and your enthusiasm towards the Gem

Quest goes a long way in my book.

Contest five - Esprii VS Kureishi

This contest saw the Parrian Astrologer, Esprii take on Paladin Kureishi, of

Springdale. Due to other contests taking place, theirs was restricted to the Path

Entrance, Thaumacie and the Chetwood Forest. Esprii used the area given to her well and

twice came close to gaining enough bonds to image burn Kureishi, which would have seen

him riding the ships of death out of the competition. Fortunately for Kureishi he was

able to steal the wax she held of him and keep the edge. This was another lengthy

contest which saw Kureishi killing Esprii five times before winning his contest and

progressing through to the next round.

Contest six - India VS Valari

This contest saw India, the Mercinean Mage take on Valari, the Mercinean Knight. Though

I'm sure the Mercineans lamented having to take each other on, and therefore reduce the

city's chances of winning the Gem, such is the luck of the draw. India was victorious

and progressed through to the next round.

The Tournament continued.....

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1183.