Full Narrative of Round One of Last Night's Gem Quest.

Mephisto, god of the nightto Everyone

Here, as promised, is a narrative of what happened in the first round of the Gem Quest

last night.

Seventeen hopeful competitors gathered at the Meeting Place not knowing who they would

face in the first knock-out stage of The Tournament but all with one desire in mind: to

win the Cornelian of Darkness which bestows the ability to absolve enemies and also

take up astral form. The Tournament contests would be won by whichever competitors

killed their opponents to ghost form. Needless to say, the olvar herb featured heavily

in this tournament. The contests were formed, in the order in which they were fought,

as follows:

Contest one - August VS Narissa

This contest saw Thief Narissa of Thakria pitted against Wizard August of Springdale. In August's own words, it was his best performance yet against Narissa. He should be

proud. In the end, Narissa's persistent poison combinations and ability to deal with

constricted mists saw her victorious over August and she progressed to the next round.

Narissa had to kill August five times before he finally succumbed to the pressure and

became a ghost.

Contest two - Foxedup VS Pahn

This contest saw the guildless Pahn of Springdale, who fights with the Paladin

profession, take on Thief Foxedup of Mercinae. This contest was one of the longest of

the evening and due to time constraints I was forced to restrict them to the town of

Eleusis, so other contests could start elsewhere in the land. Though one would think the lack of mobility would favour Pahn, which was my main concern in placing any

restrictions on any of these contests, Foxedup dealt with the change admirably and

used the gates of Eleusis to his advantage,constantly locking himself out of harm's

way. Foxedup died six times, but used the olvar herb to keep him in the contest. At one

point I thought the contest was turning in Foxedup's favour, when Pahn also died, but

he also had used olvar and rallied, killing Foxedup eleven times in total. Foxedup

killed Pahn twice in total. In the end, Pahn was victorious though and progressed

through to the next round.

Contest three - Alister VS Belgadeth

This contest saw Thief Alister of Thakria take on Brigand Belgadeth, also of Thakria.

Due to multiple contests taking place at once, Belgadeth and Alister were restricted to

the highway between Mercinae and Parrius for their contest. This was another long bout,

seeing both Alister and Belgadeth using their skills well to flip and duck out of

harm's way when they were in danger of dying. Eventually, Alister used the yarl poison

to great effect and killed Belgadeth twice, winning his contest and progressing to the

next round.

The Tournament continued ...

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Skyelong, in the year 1183.