You have no idea.

Ok, since everyone seems to be injerjecting their two cents without knowing what is going on, here are the facts.

Eldereth and I are fighting pahn, inside springdale.

Pahn dies, I put astralbond up.

Pahn ressurects, flights off- Killinan walks in.

Killinan starts jabbing eldereth.

I WEB killinan, Eldereth asks him to leave. Eldereth explains to Killinan \"I don't want to kill you\"

Killinan continues to attack eldereth.

Eldereth kills killinan, ghosts him- Killinan tries to leave, but as I already have astralbond up, cannot.

At this point, Killinan has demonstrated, even stated publicly he will fight people much larger than him, and does not care about the consequences. Having been given his chance to leave, declined it, he has made a choice, to fight Eldereth, someone quite larger than him.

At no point was Killinan 'teamed' as you said, unless you could my one web as he walked into location and started jabbing.

Hour or so later. Frustrated Pahn jumps Salvador- someone who does not get involved in team fights, and is happily learning his skills and challenging his peers. Kills him twice.

Runs to temple.

light pipe megillos

puff pipe megillos

Says to salvador \"I will hunt and kill you whenever my bloodlust allows so. \"

Now for this action i killed argathian twice- but he would not have died had he not been sitting around afk. I will not continue to hunt argathian or kill him, in fact I will not bother fighting these tiny people anymore unless they come to Thakria and cause trouble.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Mournsend, in the year 1183.