the young.

Teaching the young involves more than just letting them have free reign over the bb - they need to learn about the vast world that is Avalon and the immense history here. When I was a youth, I never dared post on the public board - both because I was AWARE I knew so little in terms of the total knowledge of the land, and because I respected the serious topics that were being discussed, by people who could bite my head off in one hit, if I annoyed them.

These constant inane references from the youth to this world as if it is some game makes me wonder if the kids have illusions of being gods - I don't know why a mortal would speak so foolishly and insanely about our lives, otherwise. Repeatedly mentioning radically different lands and strange dreams - again, the talk of lunatics.

Frankly, I grow tired of it, both the insane talk, and the arrogant assumptions your youth make. Children can meekly offer an opinion, or share an experience, but they hold no earned prominence in the land to attempt to banter and debate with their elders as if they have even a notion of what they are talking about. By all means, question and learn - but don't try to clutter up this public news space with musing and rantings. They have to study and experience much before they can earn the right to spea

k with the presumed authority of one who actually knows the land, not the tiny introduction they've been exposed to so far.

Yes, I'm being harsh. But I think you know that I can also have my compassion and patience. Arrogance and impudence do not inspire those qualities.

(On a side note, if any youth is experiencing a real difficulty, speak to your elders directly. Anything taken to the bulletin boards will produce a much less easy, satisfactory solution).

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1182.