Eleusis Trading

High-Priest Baron Helkarakseto Everyone

What a joke! The only things they will sell, they have none of. Arback, you attempted to bleed dry the coffers of Thakria and Mercinae a while ago with some trading fiddle, Galahad and I united and put a stop to this, so now you have set your prices so that Eleusis is your own personal trading store. I denounce this as undemocratic, and demand your immediate resignation from the Baronacy of Eleusis, or you will meet with distastrous consequences (not just you, but all of Eleusis, and her citizens).

And yes, I do know that you have been hired to slay me. You can try, foolish woman, but you will never succeed, I am mightier than you will ever know.

Baron Helkarakse Darkbringer