RE: Post 23582.

Mad Mad Maximillianto Everyone

It is quite likely that most of you will not read this entire post, so let me put the important points up front.

I do not want someone in my city who is divisive

I do not want someone in my city who is willing to tear the city apart to get in.

I do not want someone in my city who connives and canvasses to get in.

And although I appreciate the tone of your post, Aryanna, you still seem intent on doing all these things. Your answer is no.

You have turned the relatively minor process of switching cities into a three ring circus, inconsolably claiming first that you have been rejected because of your patron, then bringing your case to anyone who would listen, and now posting it publicly.

Has anyone in Avalon ever spent so much effort to get into a city that has so clearly rejected them? Why would you start campaigning for re-admittance mere days after vehemently swearing revenge for being rejected? Anger or sullen acceptance I can understand, but cheerfully shaking hands like some politician? Why are you so willing to put Mercineans at each other's throats in your bid for citizenship?

Aryanna, you are an anomaly. Your actions make no sense to me. Randon was concerned that you would do as Dunccan had done and try to 'take Mercinae for Castigere'. I'm not sure I believe that. But I also cannot explain your actions in any rational context. On the other hand, I do believe that your enthusiasm for entry into Mercinae is both unwholesome and unprecedented. And frankly, I am tired of dealing with the controversies you start.

If you want to be our ally, that is great. Be our ally. You want to make common cause in fighting Thakria? That is great. Let's do it.

But I am afraid I cannot in good faith admit you as a citizen. I now advise you as I advised you before to give it a rest. Pursuing your case now will only make it worse.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Ilmarael, in the year 1181.