Limorien the Feyto Everyone

A fun game the family can play.

Step 1: Take a piece of card, and your favourite colour of crayon.

Step 2: Use the crayon to divide the card into a grid 5 wide by 3 high.

Step 3: Use scissors to trim the card, you may need to find a responsible adult for this bit.

Step 4: Write a word or phrase in each of the boxes, you can choose from:

coward, cowardice, cowardly, cowards, afraid, frightened, fearful, scared, not brave, lacking bravery

gutless, courage, issue challenge, issue duel, peers won't fight me, I never refuse a challenge, I only died because of uruks

Now you're ready to play the game.

Each time you receive a tell from Denzeldash, score out any words that he uses.

The first person to get a straight line from left to right, or right to left, across their card is the winner!

You can choose your own prize, but I would always recommend that having half a lemon nearby to bite on is the only way to remove the grin after a good game of Denzel-bingo.

Coming soon: Denzel-snap and Denzel-twister!

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1180.