The last I looked, you were an Animist from 1038 to 1052. And if you can look, see when Rajj was born in Avalon. I'm pretty sure I wasn't around during that period.

Now, the last Animist I said anything about was Magdalene, so if that is the discussion you are talking about, let me clear something up for you.

I only provided facts that she did indeed break an Animist rule, I did not WHINE about her using any skills, I was simply contradicting her 'I didn't break any rules' statement. That was all.

I am sure glad to know, as I'm sure some of the gods are, that you want people to leave Avalon. I simply try to make things a little more fair, so I'm not quite sure how that ruins Avalon. Maybe our perceptions are a little cross.

Good luck with yours, though!

Written by my hand on the 7th of Springflower, in the year 1180.