I am going to keep this very simple. The land of Avalon, whilst I was happily mining declared to me Druid Khashakin (spelt very correctly and notice that there was a prefix) has just sealed the mine you are in. Resulting in my death. I have much more tendency to believe the land of avalon than someone trying to save their own neck after they, all maybe it accidentally, sealed someone in a mine. I asked you to swear on the gods it wasn't you, at which point I would have given you the benefit of the doub

t, but you refused which suggests guilt to me. Until someone provides me with some undisputable proof that it was not him I see no reason why I should stop my harassment and I will continue sealing mines he is mining up unto the value of the mine I was currently digging at the time. This is only targeted at him and certainly not any wider audience, if you happen to be in that mine, that is just unfortunate. The idea of getting Guilds and Cities involved in this is preposterous for this personal issue.

As the majority of animists will testify I generally get on with your ranks and certainly have no ill will towards others (except maybe Rajj). I do not apologies for my actions and simply advise others that I will be sealing mines Khashakin is in until this is resolved with undisputable proof or I believe we are equal in loss.

Puff Pipe Furglewort,


Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1179.