Yes you are correct, I am cowardly by name and nature. This I freely

admit. You see, being such an infamous coward, it is easy to recognise

the signs of extreme cowardice emanating from other sources. one

becomes an expert at it.

And the signs tell me that the greatest source of cowardice in the land,

where the stench really hits you for six, is the cowardly aura expelled

by those who choose Pacifism BUT are not Altruistic. Certainly not

all Pacifists are cowards, but those who choose it ONLY to

evade death, without real pacifism or altruism in their hearts are

quite blatantly, utterly, purely and quite simply - Cowards.

Now Fatalus has made it clear on numerous occasions he holds no

altruistic or pacifistic ideals to heart, which in my eyes indicates

his choice of avalon pacifism is to protect his life only - hence his

need to purchase a fine set of dwarven balls.

Self-sacrifice! I leave that to braver citizens than I.


Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1178.