I've had enough!.

Charming Rakira, Portal Princessto Everyone

Alright, on a whole, I'm getting used to the abusive, obnoxious, annoying, sadistic, heartless folks that I have to share this land with. I realize nothing I say to them will penetrate their black souls and am fine with it. Now, I can understand attacking people when they have done something to you or even possibly your city. It makes sense, I can guarantee you I'm not going to be one to not exact my revenge the second I have the power to do so. But, I must object to the happenings of tonight which occ

ured in the first 20 minutes I was in land.

I came into land, putting up my very basic defenses, preparing to go out into the land. I was in my home with my pets when Tetsuo began to try to traverse to me there. For those who don't know, Tetsuo is AT LEAST twice my size. It has been proven at least 20 times that he can kill me and my pets. Well, I was avoiding him, staying within my house, where I planned to tend my garden. When, all of the sudden I escaped him, only to have Gabhan traverse into my house.

He continued to attack me, failing due to my alkar. I looked and saw Tetsuo was in my garden where I left him. But, no worries! He quickly resolved this fact by joining Gabhna in my house. Where they proceeded to kill me, then refused to leave, when I told them to in the nicest possible way I could muster. Of course, all of my pets were in my house and began a full out assault on my assailants. Now, I care for my pets very much and I did not see it necessary for them to give up their lives to the likes

of which would team someone who just came into land in their house. (I have an entourage of words I could add, but I am fighting not to list them in excruciating detail.)

So, for the love of my pets, I ordered them to be passive. This, however, meant nothing to Gabhan who decided my sweet pony Aedel deserved to die. So, when my puppet, Cyrus came to her aide, sleeping, webbing, and handburning him, I let him at it. well, by this time, he also made a pill to my house and out right refused to leave. I was despairing over the loss of Aedel and I decided to portal out. Of course, I portal out only to be attacked by Tetsuo, who all this time was conversing with his little pe

t killing side kick. After 3 or 4 deaths, I shipped, happily, might I add. But not before seeing Gabhan STILL in my house, and text informing me that Cyrus had just joined Aedel in death. I also heard Gabhan tell Tetsuo he was getting him a lot of \"things\" to put in his cauldron.

Now, amazingly, the fact that I was teamed, hunted down, and killed in my own house is NOT what bothers me to the most extreme possibility. No, it's the outright murder of my pets in my house with and without me even being there. It's the sadistic ways these people live off, it's the things they do to hurt you as a human being, it's the random need to kill someone that has done nothing to them, it's the need to team someone one can take on all by their self, it's the need to be rude, heartless, and mos

t of all cruel to both the character and the one taking time and love to create what dwells within this land.

I think it fair to say that while on that ship, I was branded an enemy to their city, Thakria. I would like to personally know how me going through such asinine things and dealing with such childish behavior can cause MY enemying to a city. But, most of all, I came off that ship ready to check for my pets, shed my tears for those I love and leave the land that seems to lack a heart. By some miracle, my pets were all there, alive and well. So it is for them that I post this and it is for them that I sta

y in this land. I only posted this to show a few points most blatantly ignore. The fact that being cruel and sadistic hurts two people and that people like these, people who team us, ship us time after time, hunt us down, devote a real-life day to attacking and killing the same person, and use a new character to take advantage of true beginners is why people leave this land. It's people like these that hurt real people and make them so angry that they never again wish to step in such a heartless world.

I love Avalon and as I said am staying for my pets who need me and I them, but that's why they go guys. Fix it!

Written by my hand on the 4th of Springflower, in the year 1177.