Plant some herbs for Christmas!.

Archdruid Elbethamore, Fey of the Woodlandsto Everyone

As I wandered about the land today, encouraging the growth and good health of our herbs, I've noticed a disturbing trend. In my efforts to see the wild lestagii positively bloom, I noticed that almost all of it was not planted to begin with!

What does this mean? When you pick herbs, be sure to pick one extra and replant it, unprepared. This ensures that the herb continues to grow after you are done. If you do not do this, the herb will not grow. That means that there would be no wild lestagii for anybody if I had not gone about replanting them. It only takes a second, and will ensure that there is lestagii (or whatever other herb) for you the next time you are looking for it.

I know poisons are another matter, since some who can pick poisons can't plant them, but everyone who can pick herbs can indeed plant. There is no reason to be stunting the growth of lestagii, which is rare enough as it is.



Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 1177.