Well as im sure this message wont be around for long and neither will Rath let me take the time to vent. After being teamed by Kuma and Joely my zmud broke and I BB'd to fix it. After comming back I took the teaming and made my way to the pool of life with Fatalus preaching his bullshit sermon to me the entire time spamming my screen. So as I made it to the pool and told Fatalus to fuck off. I got a talkin to from Mephisto and shortly after his DF even though he was completly clueless to the situatio

n and really only heard what his lil bitch Fatalus had to say. So my rant comes as this, Fatalus fuck off mind your own buisness and dont tell people your gonna whine and tattle on your god and that its for their own good. Joely your not that great your at least double my size and whine like a lil girl and are a manipulative prick. Kuma for as long as youve been played you really should slit your wrists if your not any better then you are now. And last but not least Mephisto when your done bending o

ver Fatalus get a clue. Thanks Love ya all Bub Bye

Written by my hand on the 15th of Skyelong, in the year 1174.