His High Eminence, The Majesty Plamanto Edorec

Boy what are you smoking? Good laugh though. Me sweat? Never. Been around way too long to be worried about pretty much anything. My existance will always be 'cushy' because I make it that way. I have been threatened, hunted and killed by both the best and the worst at times.

As for my stance on farming I still stand by it. You didn't see me post in support of what was done nor condemn Dunccan for disfavoring a protected person for stealing harvest. For the record I think going in to an enemy field while either protected or pacifist is a sign of weakness no matter what side does it since you can't be stopped. It is condemened by many players and a few dieties will step in if they catch it.

I could probably construct a post very similar to yours pointing out all the 'favors' and advantages the other side has gotten over the years. Easy to see things from your edge but truth be told all sides have benefited or been hurt by divine attention and 'cheats' at one point or another.

Please feel free to use my name and examples of me in your post but please represent me correctly and don't blather like an idiot. I like seeing my name.

On a final note I hope everyone laughed as hard reading the letter as I did when writing it. I hear a few Springdalians are offended. Perhaps the later smacks a little too close to the truth of the matter in Springdale.


Written by my hand on the 27th of Cloudburst, in the year 1174.