The Rant.

Galadriel, Tolo dan nan galadto Edorec


Um, not sure how my post brought on that last... but you know

while passionate, it's not really fair.

I mean, cool, you hate Thakria. So do I. They're all bastards

and such. But the Kodiak Wall was constructed after Springdale's

River Gateway, and our forts rival Thakria's.

We knew there was some ore problems, and I don't doubt there

was city in the land that didn't derive some benefit from them

knowing or unknowing.

Multiple CCCs as entourage were done away with, except for certain

professions a long while ago. They're killable, and the quests

can be done by anyone not enemied, I thought?

Abuse of HP powers is a long debate. Listen on one side or another

and everyone does it. It's just wrong depending on whose side you're

on, I guess.

Far attacking into stockrooms was an ability that bastardized the

Seer profession. It was a sought after change long before Esprii's

reign. Not to mention all seering guilds had to agree to it. Which

we did - by treaty many many times before it was coded out.

There are many Thakrian slayers. I've been told by mortals and Gods

that I'm useless, and the reverse by both, as well. If Sajora chooses

to allow one opinion to sway her, she needs a confidence check. There

are many, many more who would welcome her back. Some Thakrians, too, I


Thakria had the Sorceror's Guild... oooh look! The other cities didn't

think that was fair so the Necromancers were brought back!

Fact is, there are just too damn many guilds in the land. The Gods would

be doing us a great favour if they shut down some of them to concentrate

the player base a bit. But they like diversity - giving us a choice.

As far as the ore cheat being shut down, you should know that it was a

Springdalian who reported it to the Gods, who shut it off as soon as it

was known. Shame goes to anyone who used the bug without reporting it.

God favours and disfavours are handed out evenly. Fairly? No, the Gods

don't promise us fair. But the Gods notice mortals who put themselves

forward, negatively or positively. Make a mark and you'll make enemies

AND friends.

In summation, Eddy, I admire your passion, but I don't see any conspiracy.

The land benefits when we stop looking for excuses and start exercising

our skills instead of our pens. Springdale isn't perfect, but she grew

up strong on the backs of hard labourers and don't give me any more of your

shit fighters. Any city can do it - ANY CITY - because any group of people

who want something bad enough can make it happen here.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1174.