They can't fight.

Edorecto Galadriel, Tolo dan nan galad

Maybe circe. a little.

To Plaman. Begining to sweat a little? Feeling your cushy existance threatened? good.

To Gab. Bugged lake locations that require parting from different sides in order to march troops across. conspicuously towards thakria not away from it. Thakria.

Multiple hard hitting CCC's that include a ccc more powerfull than the very angel of death. Thakria.

The smirk. Kodiak Wall.




lorerobe alkar poison dispensing CCC yes avalon you can give human bodies to a ccc in thakria in order to get poisons from it... Free poisons. limitless. Wonder how long it will take them to figure out suicide, lr resurrection then bash wights that won't die and give xp after two jabs. oh wait. they do that already.

Sorry old settings from my cm day. lr alkar is supposed to be A poison dispensing.

Thakria Thakria Thakria.

HUGE experience quest. In the Jester's coup.


The greater part of the pantheon. thakrian. or thakrian when they reached godhood.

Oh and I found out why sajora did not come back the other day. Seems that a god told her how useless and unwanted she was to Avalon. Remember sajora the number 1 thak slayer.

What else. Ahh yes MY guild. Thakrians weren't happy with rangers boom lets give them their own ranger guild! Wooohoo.

What am I missing. ahhh yes... Plaman highpriest of chaos dispensing disfavours for a pw taking a thakrian field. If you don't believe me read back a couple thousand posts on this very board. The same reason my highpriest got chastised for but it's worse as at least pw has some sort of way to kill them, a dp person is immune to all harm. What . Is. the. point. of. farming. if. anybody. can . just. steal . your. crop without. fear?

Far attacking runes into stockrooms so they could be stolen. didn't get changed untill you guessed it, thakria didn't have an unbonded protected stockroom anywhere. (esprii's fault that). I can go on and on and on and on. About who gets who's favour. I can name names, and specific examples. So could you. . just read back on these boards like I do when I should be working. Go back and read between the lines a little. It's all there.

Whisper(Lets not forget unlimited outpouching of iron,poisons,herbs, silver, whatever you can do from belts that Zenichiro, Threap, and many others abused. iron that was stocked in the loremasters guild. iron that was used ultimately to pump up thakrian fortifications. or. have you EVER seen a loremaster mine? I havn't. certainly not the quantities that were given.) SURE now they can't do it. or so we are told BUT a lock wasn't put on the underworld UNTIL people from mercinae parrius and springd

ale figured it out.

Oh and my VERY faveorite one... The longnight. Not REAL sure what it does but I do know that it sucks, that only badguys get it and that the corresponding quest for the light is \"broken\" and has been \"broken\" forever.

In summation gaby, thakrians get away with abuse constant abuse anybody else got dfed, zapped, punished for.

It's not narissa who is not here today after stealing someones password and abusing with it. breaking into olympus THREE times. No. It's sajora who isn't here today and who suffered for it. MY guild. MY city.

I think I made my point.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 1174.