You seem to have confused the bloated self-importance that comes to

some with age with true Wisdom. Just because age and wisdom are related

at times does not mean one must have one to have the other, as your post

clearly shows.

And I am not certain how I have confused you. On what point are you not

absolutely clear? I will restate my position one last time, for your benefit.

Harvesting while DP is a cheap ploy. I don't condone doing it in general.

Anyone that does so is asking to suffer serious repercussions, but I do not

think the gods must resolve the issue as there are a number of things we

can do as mortals to address this act, from the tit-for-tat approach

mentioned by Myth to Thakria's handling of the issue with Kashakin to

doing something as inventive as having a couple of your DP or PW people

pick up harvested plants before they can be claimed by the one harvesting


I do not condemn Alister's actions because I have seen your PWs attempt

to seal mines with us inside, DP people stealing ore as it falls and people

10 times larger than their (incompetent) targets making off with their

strongboxes. I have seen your citizens kill people in temples, using the

excuse that the person slain had no patron and therefore receives no

protection in a temple. In short, your citizens do a fair amount of

underhanded things to us and those we protect, and I am all for you getting

a taste of your own medicine now and again, especially when our citizen

remains determined to deal with the fallout from his actions.

The fact that you must publicly cry for help from the gods on this or any

issue given your proclaimed unity and willingness to overcome adversity

to make Springtown into the best city in the Land is sadly laughable. It

was this point that drew me into this discussion to begin with, and I

remain amused that the gods are your first choice of problem solving when

something doesn't go your way.

If you remain confused about this post, please drop me a message. I will

try and further clarify things for you, as I am certain the whole of Avalon

(with, undoubtedly, a notable exception or two), quite understands my

viewpoint on the issue.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Leaflost, in the year 1173.