your foolish post.

Astynaxto Wizard August


The lunacy and malaise affecting the brain function of the Paladins seems to be contagious,

you certainly need to seek medical attention promptly. Your last post could easily have been

mistaken for one of Denzeldash, Dunccan or Pahn's posts. (I suggest this is because you

are posting one too many post too often on behalf of Dunccan)

If harvesting Divinely Protected is deemed to be wrong, then lets try extrapolating (that will require

engaging 15 brain cells in one go, make sure you are sitting down). You will then realise that

oh my god! harvesting whilst pacifist must also be wrong and then it will dawn on you

that you will have screwed up the pacifist half of your city.

In anycase just like Alister has concluded, it is extremely funny that you now plead to

Divine Genesis when an activity that has been undertaken by all cities (I dare say the

majority historical by your own) now begins to affect you detrimentally.

It is even more laughable that to give some sort of an official stamp to your post

you sign off as 'Baron of Springdale'. You do realise these days that it only stands

for not being able to think properly, logically or remotely with any sort of equity.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1173.