Your so-called "abuses".

Alister, Thievery Corporationto Wizard August

Who is whining and complaining now August? It seems perfectly clear to me, anyways, what the score here is in terms of 'abuse'.

Yes I harvested springdale fields while divinely protected. And guess what August? Next harvest I will do it again. And the harvest after that, and every harvest from now until the day I hear a deity telling me not to.

I remember the very first harvest I was around for, back when I wasn't even off LW. I was a young citizen of thakria and just had the very basic skill of hemp farming.

I entered the land to hear a plea from Narissa, to come help with harvest. I quickly ran to the fields near the south gate of Thakria and what did i see? Sa-Fedaykin Pahn, Blades of Night, high priest of Mephisto, sitting holding a cart while DP, and greedily scooping up hemp by the armful.

This bothered me greatly of course, because it was a bad time for Thakria, only me and Narissa happened to be around at the time and the more we harvested, the more greedy ol' Pahn scooped up into his Divinely Protected cart.

I didn't understand what was going on, the concept of DP was still new to me and I didn't understand why he could just sit there immune from attack and steal our harvests. I asked Narissa and she told me that he was DP and that we couldn't attack him, just keep harvesting, as fast as you can, but Pahn got the great majority of it.

I asked Narissa at the time \"Isn't that kind of cheap? \"

To which she replied \"Yes it is, but there is nothing we can do about it. \"

Since then I have tried to wrap my head around this word 'abuse' that keeps getting thrown at me and my citymates daily from our enemies to the east. Recently, I recieved a disfavour from Dunccan for picking up a ring that he dropped on the ground, right in front of me, while having an impromptu charging sessing in MY CITY.

I thought it rather silly of him at the time, to toss around the divine essence of his patron, the great Lord of Justice Castigere- as did every single person I mentioned it to.

Meanwhile, back in thakria, a new sport was being born: Extreme Mining- For those unfamiliar Extreme Mining is mining while under attack by mages in rits and with DP ore stealers and mine sealers nipping at your heels. Id like to thank Rikki and Neidhart especially for this one, it makes the usually mind-numbingly dull exercize of mining into a true sporting event!

After thinking about it, I came to this conclusion.

What do all these things have in common? Picking things up off the ground while divinely protected.

It seems that these actions are only an 'abuse' when it causes the oh-so-high and mighty city of springdale or its citizens to lose out, be it ore, potatoes, or silly Dunccan's ring. However you won't see us posting AGAIN and AGAIN about ABUSE on the public BB when it is done to us.


Because we are not whining complainers like you, August.

Maybe that clears some things up for you.

- alister

Written by my hand on the 30th of Hindyear, in the year 1173.