harvesting enemy crops while under divine protection.

Wizard Augustto Genesis, the god of time

My Lord, there is great confusion as to whether this act is an abuse of DP or not. Up until recently, as far back as I can remember.and as far back as some of the elders of this land can remember, harvesting enemy crops was indeed an abuse. In fact, many of these abusers received disfavour for such an act.

As it was brought up by Narissa recently, quoting a post of yours from a decade ago, I neglected to respond as it was general knowledge that the act is and was abusive. I need not go into detail as to why.

But today, Alister had bragged to me how he harvested many Springdalian fields while under dp this last harvest, I'd like to have the record set straight, so we can avoid such confusion in the future.

Thank you lord,

Wizard August, Baron of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 26th of Hindyear, in the year 1173.