How the Dwarves Healed Verlakmar.

And so Aja, we come the most important part of the story... The dwarves knew their king

was mad and that this secret must never be allowed to get out. Some say they were cruel to him and showed no compassion. Whatever one can say on that, it must be pointed out

that their 'cure' worked. Though they did not know they were dealing with The Master,

they did know that their King's soul must be saved. They bound each limb to his throne

tightly so that he could not move. They strapped leather across his face so he could not

continue to froth and rant and they burned blisters into his back to draw out the curse

within him. Each time Verlakmar calmed, they loosened the straps. Each time he fell

silent for a time, they would remove his gag. But each time he would regress again,

uttering foul words and spitting at his healers. They bound and gagged him again. This

cycle went on for two entire Avalon years until eventually, unbeknown to the Dwarves,

their kindness to their king, and therefore inadvertently The Master too, was

sending The Master into spirals of despair and anguish. The Dwarve's kindness,

compassion, resolute desire to see their king healed and the tedium of being bound,

forced The Master to leave Verlakmar's body and seek another to inhabit. Some say he

left for Thakria, others say he died. As we know now though, he did return.

But back to you Aja. Demons and goblins feed off of hostile intent towards them. I can

only assume that this explains why you harrass my High Priest with continuous offers of

duels every few seconds and then do nothing but die when he accepts, only to repeat to

process again and again when he forces you to abstain. But I know better than this

because I witnessed the madness of King Verlakmar. And so, I will be as kind to you as

the dwarves were.

You will be turned to stone. You will be bound, gagged and silenced. You will sit blind,

deaf and dumb in my temple in the Gallery of Statues. You will only have your own mind

to interact with. I am giving you the opportunity to drive the demonic madness from your

body and live free again. But first, you must live through purgatory. I will do as the

dwarves did. For each sign of repentance a little freedom will be afforded you. I may

even let the compassionate mortals of this land come to you and feed you, so that you do

not starve to death. But know this, when you regress, when you froth and swear, rant and

rave, I will tighten the gags.

Each Avalon year, I will take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of the

four cities of Avalon. You will not be able to do anything but watch so that you can

learn how Evil behaves, when we are in Thakria, how Light and Goodness lives when we are

in Mercinae, how Freedom is lived out in the pirate stronghold of Parrius and how Dreams

are forged and realised in the city of Springdale. You will watch in silence all of the

many colours of this land and how their interplay make them human and sane so that you

may relearn how to live in this land.

This is my undertaking and I will not relent from it until you have relearned how to

live in Avalon and until that madness so obvious in your post is gone. If it takes one

hundred Avalon years of you being bound and gagged in my temple, then I will see it


Our journey into the Madness of Aja will begin at the fall of the next Night.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 12th of Hindyear, in the year 1173.