spitting is an attack you dolt!.

I do love your interpretation of events, and why bleep bulshite when you leave the other in for added effect.

That my sweet and cuddly little bear is call hypocrisy. but you and most of your guild know all about that.

And finally just to add insult to injury i will again remind you that i was unarmed, not in an enemy city and in no way started hostilities, it was you little boys who worked yourself up, the cherry on top is it was only the little gobshite that had the balls to issue a challenge.

YES you should learn from your guildmistress, but it is all to plain to see that she has passed on her traits for issuing duels and challenges, shouting abuse, and plain old forgetting to use the grey matter before opening her face.

I am not really that old but even i remember the days when the rangers held the respect of near on everyone, and yet and still YOU my lad, have the audacity to point fingers at your betters.

Anamists are anamists you cant pick and choose who you revere and who you dont.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1173.