attacking in temples.

Denzeldash, first and foremost you should really read your logs before puttering out half-truths. You said in your post that you were completely unarmed and that much at least was true when you first entered the Glade of Allendil. But seeing as the rest of your story is untrue, I shall account for what happened based on the logs that I have (which can be divinely checked if you feel such need).

Doublev, Aja and I are in the glade minding our business when you show up. I doff my hat to you and the first thing said to anyone is Aja saying to you Your rune-bug picks up words

an enormous black bear says, \"Please leave\". Second thing said is Your rune-bug picks up words

an enormous black bear says, \"Get out\". You ask why, and are told that you are not welcome there because you are enemied

to which you reply bullshi- and that you have every right to be there. You are given more requests to leave, very politely I might add. Next thing you say is Denzeldash says, \"As i said\". Denzeldash says, \"I wont even defend\". Denzeldash says, \"Kill me\". Denzeldash says, \"Or shut the fuck up\".

Now, at this point the logs clearly show that you have every intention on starting a fight. Not the other way around like you put in your post. Aja then points out that it's obvious you strolled in there to start a fight and that she didn't care what the reason. She tells you it's not going to work and AGAIN asks you to leave. At this point Nyte shows up and he too asks you to leave.

Your rune-bug picks up words

an enormous black bear says, \"Please leave here Denzeldash -Nyte\". Nyte then tells you Your rune-bug picks up words

an enormous black bear tells Denzeldash, \"Your trespassing on her patrons ground, please leave\". You continued to ignore the requests. Now, you threaten a cub who was in the middle of learning lessons: Your rune-bug picks up words

Denzeldash tells Ranger Cub Doublev, \"Kill me then gobshite\".

when he asks us to not say please to you anymore as it's not working. Now you are asked this: Your rune-bug picks up words

an enormous black bear says, \"I ask you, in the name of Maedhros Allendil, Please leave this ground. \".

Up through all of this, nobody physically harmed you. How much do you think we can take? Apparently a lot since through this entire log, not once did anyone physically attack you in the glade. I will however, say that I did push you out of location a couple of times, spit yake at you to get you to shut your mouth as I was personally tired of hearing you speak, and spit etarka and grimleaf at you in case you did decide to attack.

If you consider that attacking you, then you must've been pretty wacked out on something that night as none of those could've caused you to bleed at all. Now after all of this, you come into the glade and then proceed to attack Aja repeatedly to which she didn't attack you back. She sat there and defended the ENTIRE time you were there attacking. Even after you killed her, all she did was defend herself. NOT ONCE DID ANYONE CAUSE

PHYSICAL HARM TO YOU yet you say you were attacked. I say, bleed a bit next time before trying that excuse again.


Now, before you decide to speak Rajj you need to remember that YOU TOO came and asked Nyte to not interfere if Denzeldash attacked Aja in the Glade again. At this point you hadn't been removed from the Animist guild and though they have decided to allow you back, I personally will be watching for any instances where you decide to act without neutrality. I along with all the other rangers are sworn to protect the animists, but if I see you acting in such ways as you did before I shall have no choice b

ut to protect the guild from ppl like you!

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.