Thank GOD.

That the populace of Avalon knows you to be a flat out liar...

Here is the truth since you want it so bad...

I was fighting someone, NOT YOUR GUEST, in the greenwood. He ran to the temple you were sitting in, DURING A FIGHT (Again NOT YOUR GUEST) Nice try Aja!!!

You then attacked me without warning and I left WITHOUT attacking you back... Not only did you attack me you tried to strip me. I sent a nice message saying I was coming in to get my stuff back. WHen I enter AGAIN you attacked without reason. And I sat there NOT FIGHITNG BACK, trying to TALK it out. You killed me, as I let you.

Any more BS stories you want to make up Aja? You can try, but Avalon knows what you are about, and that is HOT AIR!

Druid Rajj, TRUE to the forest!

Written by my hand on the 7th of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.