You were attacked because during your stint as a paladin you and Denzeldash entered and launched an unprovoked attack on my guests. After you were killed for you insolence, you declared that you would \"kill every ranger\". You didn't and you were told by every member of Lord Maedhros' order -- including His high priest-- to never enter there again. You have since decided to ignore warnings and come anyway despite

being told you would be killed for doing so. The only person that has ever attacked there without having entered and attacked first is you.

My issuing of duels and challenges are irrelevant. No one is ever under any obligation to respond in anyway. I can hardly be held accountable for his inability to stay his swords and not repsond like some conditioned mongrel at the sound of bells and whistles. He can ignore them just as easily as the rest of you do.

I suggest you take the advice I gave a couple of your fellow piles of vermin excrement... Either post better lies or stop posting altogether.

Sincerely Nekkid,


Written by my hand on the 5th of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.