A simple question.

You do indeed have the right to be as juvenile, two-faced, conniving, oppressive, fickle, and hypocritical as the mortals at your command. After all, you paid good hard-earned cash for your immortality (as opposed to winning it), why should you not be able to do as you please with it?

Granted there isn't much I can do in answer to your repugnance and the abject hostility oozing from the festering cesspool you patron. I can only ask what point you're trying to make in removing my ability to duel and challenge.

How am I at fault when your high priest cannot control himself and is obviously out of your control as well? Why am I being punished when it is Pahn that is wantonly defying divine decree by attacking in temples? Why I am to blame when a rabid dog lashes out because his collar has been removed? What have I done to warrant disfavour?

I fail to see how I've done anything wrong in issuing challenges and duels after being attacked in my temple without provocation the instant I enter the realms. What exactly is your goal if you even have one?

I'm quite certain that you don't have any goal in mind, so I'll not be the least bit surprised when you don't answer this very simple question. In fact, I'd be rather shocked if you did reply and can only hope it would at least be something above and beyond the mono-syllabic grunting produced from your chromosomally defecient horde of pack animals.

Aja -- now and forever Nekkid

PS: I officially request that the ordainable be included in etell blocks. Just because someone has high health doesn't mean he or she has the right to harrass others.

Written by my hand on the 1st of Ilmarael, in the year 1173.