Magadalene's summary of recent events is reasonably accurate, I just have a few precise comments to make.

My use of the word reverence, may have been a little strong. I do not revere your entire guild, but I do appreciate the very strong roles that many Animists (past and present) have carved for themselves in the land. I'm sure its far more difficult to follow the mostly neutral path, than it is to align yourself with one side or the other. I applaud the support your guild lends the young and marvel at your self constraint when under attack. Contrary to Magdalene's inference, the high regard I have for yo

ur guild has absolutely nothing to do with your abilities. I am able to refresh my ship rides far faster than I need and herbs are abundant within my city's shops and fellow citizens pouches.

I believe I've established my feelings about Animists. Now, everytime your guild has a new member, that person benefits from your establishments well earned reputation. They are all given the metaphorical keys to our city, they go peaceably and unmolested about their business wherever they please Avalon wide, and enjoy immunity from attack from 99% of the lands population. Every few decades or so the obligatory anomalous rogue Animist pops up. Should Magadalene evolve into this decades anomaly, I will

be forced to stop thinking of her as an Animist and thus negate the protection she is afforded through her chosen profession. If it becomes necessary to slay her, in order to safeguard my own hide, try not to think me as an animist murderer, but rejoice in the knowledge that I do not associate her offensive actions with your guild.

Finally I express my regret that Magadalene chose to air this in public, it would have been much easier to deal with behind closed doors. Now that pride is at stake, it will be much harder for Magdalene to admit her mistake.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1173.