Earthbinding Animists.

Yes I used earthbind to slow those who would seek to assault the people I was mining with.

I hoped that it would either make them too late to assault or collapse a mine upon us.

It turned out that I was successful in those aims

I fail to see how my earthbinding was aggressive. i think you are looking for the term proactively.

If I am proactive to achieve my aims and you are one of those who claims to respect animists then I suggest you wait for another opportunity.

If you are a fair weather friend of Animism I suggest you continue your assault in front of me or maybe even (as August has promised to do) on me.

If I try to defend people that are being attacked then I leave myself open to death and my attacker will probably not be blacklisted. If I am killed for trying to prevent combat from starting in the first place then I guess the guild response is up to its leaders and elders.

I just prefer to be the animist that stops the death in the first place rather than coming along afterwards to ressurect.

make of that what you will

Written by my hand on the 18th of Springflower, in the year 1173.