Lord, I apologise to you.

This is my sincere apology for being disrespectful to you.

Words are funny things. They make up only 10% of normal verbal communication between humans, yet here it is all we have available.

We use words in different ways depending on the circumstances, the audience and the result we want to achieve. When words get pulled out of the original context and placed in another time frame they can change their meaning significantly and be misinterpreted by people that were not intended to hear them.

Also, some master the art of creating literature better than others, and things get especially tricky when one does not always understand all the nuances of a language that is not native.

But lord, I am not trying to excuse my behavior, no, I apologize and will in the future avoid voicing any assumptions about your intelligence, no matter who the audience is. I have learned that you have sensitive ears and I regret having hurt them so badly.

I am sooo sorry - XXX - Uwoiame

Written by my hand on the 26th of Ilmarael, in the year 1172.