Wizard Augustto Abydos, Corsair Extraordinaire

Your story is full of holes, quite similar indeed to the melon that sits atop of your neck. Allow me to shed some light to the subject:

Rajj was present during the time we were attempting an imprint on the FVR. He did not offer any assistance and simply was chatting. He did indeed ressurrect Caelred at one point, but he was not in any way shape or form perching waiting to res any of us so we could continue the process. As Rajj had said, caelred asked for another res and was refused. If that is so hard to believe, I can obtain proof.

At one point we abandoned the process to go back home to find you, Shakal, and Maleki fighting finbar and rastafar. I join in, Rajj was there, you killed Rajj for no reason he could think of. And later at the Path Entrace? Well, who can predict what anyone can say? I wasn't there, so i can't accuse you of attacking him. But since you had just killed him, I can probably give him the benefit of the doubt for defending himself first, and asking questions later. I am sure that others would as well.

Now that all being said. as you have been monitoring Rajj's \"attitude,\" so have I. I see that it is challenging for him to assume this responsibility of being a member of the Animists Guild. The path that lead him to this point is quite different than the one his guildmates have walked upon. But he is committed to the role and I am quite certain he will do his best to follow the code that his Guild has set upon him. He has and will make mistakes and he will learn from them. He certainly wont be a

busing any of his skills, and if he does and I find out, I will be the first to report as such.

In closing, you are the last person in Avalon to judge anyones mettle. Your enemies believe you are a joke, your friends consider you a tool. Now matter how often you belittle Rajj's character, he is still twice the person you are.

August, Wizard of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 28th of Ilmarael, in the year 1170.