You made a bad mistake.

Firstly Rajj, wresting a stone is dangerous business. Unfortunately for you, I have logs

showing you resurrecting Caelred who WAS NOT far from the forest viewing room stone. In

fact she died just outside of it. Secondly, since Catlania mentioned you as one of the

people who did indeed HELP with the stone work, you are in grave violation of animism

philosophy. Thirdly, when I portalled into your location at path entrance, I DID NOT

attack you but was actually going to say \"So long as you don't get involved in stone

wars, you won't be killed\" but you immediately decomposed me. Not one attack was made on

my part. And unfortunately for you again, I had a sage jot down the log as well.

You've been healing Springdalians mid battle repeatedly and there have been multiple

complaints from enemies. I personally don't care about you resurrecting my enemies or

any of that. I care that you still have the fighter attitude and are taking it into a

profession that it should not be taken into. I fear you are not ready for that

honored responsibility of impartial assistance.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Ilmarael, in the year 1170.