the irony.

Wizard Augustto Narissa, Mistress of Thieves

How interesting it is, that while on the Fighters board, I praise you for your teamfighting tactics, and here on the Public board, I denounce your team tactics as abuse, harmful to the land, and downright pathetic.

Please explain to everyone why you felt it was necessary to bring a littlewho seer (Svyvaeus) to Springdale to assist you with aggressive actions. I am quite curious to hear what you have to say. And please dont leave out your reasons for taking this littlewho with you to Eloire so he could bond her to 35. Granted, eloire was afk and open to attack, but he is an LW. What hypocritical, worthless, and laughable eagle-stop do you get off at.

I am not actually requesting punishment for you. Indeed, I imagine the Pantheon must take at least a few days off from scorching your bacon. But I would love to read at least most of your long-winded, blathering, and self-justified response as to why you would bring an LW into combat, and why you would team someone with this LW.

Shame on you

Written by my hand on the 15th of Ilmarael, in the year 1169.