A retraction of post 23160.

Wizard August Silvermoonto Aldaron, the god of life

Please disregard that post as I had only assumed that since narissa had posted first, it was bound to be a gross and inflated exaggeration of a non-truth. It is obviously true, although i am a bit perplexed as to the structure of this one on one \"WitQuest\" for the Emerald of Life. Indeed, after re-reading HELP EMERALD, I only found the rules for an Eggquest, which I would have enjoyed participating in. It seems that I won't get the chance to.

If I may be so bold as to request a little bit more information as to how she had the opportunity to compete for the Emerald, I would appreciate it. I wouldn't mind being able to compete for the Topaz or the Cornelian in such a fashion. Indeed, it would leave more febfendu for others to enjoy.

And a note to my fellow mortals. This post is humbly directed towards Lord Aldaron and, of course, towards any other Honored Member of the Pantheon who wishes to respond. Any mortal who wishes to speak on their behalf, should just not bother as I am only interested in receving actual, substantial information, should I be entitled to it.

Humbly yours


Written by my hand on the 27th of Paglost, in the year 1169.