describe me is good stuff!.

Flying High Shander Staramor, The Providerto Everyone

Utter compliments when compliments are utterly due! Or so said my grand uncle Yogiiaria Staramor .

With all our many magics, dexterities, skills, emotes, and titles, there lacked the uncertain, yet frequently useful, way of quickly taking a man or woman's measure with a good look at them.

Now, with this \"describe me\" ability, we are given another clue toward the nature of those we interact, and even deceitful attempts will bet telling in themselves to those experienced in taking a persons measure. (now, I take a womans measure in another way too, yet er that's another thing entirely and even the purest have stirring lurking in their heart and err back to subject).

It's a shame that I cannot take such measure of those invisible or hidden with the ucklice drug in affect. It sure would be nice if the sixth sense allowed that to happen.

But the compliment?

I find the world a richer place for the new feature! A nice new step towards allowing those that find the words and textures a reason to be here more room to express and interact in the land!

Shander Staramor. (no uttering uncle yoggii wasn't an under uddered dairy farmer but he also said \"you can't milk milk, but two milks are better than one go figure! \")

(off course there are many other nice things like signs and titles, weapon and steed names already now if we can find ways of making them of value in someway hmmm )


Written by my hand on the 10th of Paglost, in the year 1167.