My response.

Forgive me for the short answer, but I'm short on time. My intention isn't to be trite, but to answer quickly.

First, thanks for a thoughtful response. I attacked the premise, not you, and unlike a lot of posts on many boards, your response didn't turn this into a slagging match, and I appreciate that, as I'm sure do most people who want health dialogue.

Based on your definition, currently, I would have to agree with you. A Springdalian aiding Thakria would face serious pressure, if not more severe consequences. That said, there is no offical policy on this matter (note, I'm no longer a baron, so this is my opinion - not fact), and the inability to aide Thakria would be due to both history and recent actions between SD and Thakria. Unlike Mercinae, which is philosophically opposed to dealings with Thakria (for good reason given the \"good\" vs. \"evil\"

alignment of the cities), there is nothing that prevents SD from changing our tune if Thakrian actions or overtures dictated that a change is policy was worth considering.

In short, currently I think you statement is fair. Mid to long-term if Thakria ceased to attack SD and provided a compelling reason for us to re-consider our relations there is nothing precluding this. I agree that this is unlikely at best, but we are also more flexible in our alignment, at least in theory, as our acceptance of people from all walks of life indicates. Indeed, guilds such as my own have even accepted members at times from all cities in recognition of this, including Thakria.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1165.