My previous post.

Gandalph, in no way, shape, nor form was my post meant as a dig at Springdale, or a recruitment poster for Parrius, although looking back on it I can see how it would seem to be. It was meant to address Barcud, and his post concerning Parrian citizens.

There has been one time, in jest, that I have even mentioned to someone not of my city to join. That would be Ester, and it occured when I was not even a citizen of Parrius. All others, and do feel free to ask them or anyone for that matter, have come to me regarding citizenship in Parrius.

I do believe I have my facts as straight as a warrior's sword. Parrius is the only truly neutral nation in this land. Tell me, does your city allow its citizens the choice of whom they wish to aide? And if a springdalian chose to aide Thakria against Mercinae, what do you honestly believe would happen?

I have my ideas, but I would rather have my facts straight. So if you will Gandalph, enlighten me of the answer to that, I would be most thankful.

With respect,


Written by my hand on the 19th of Midsummer, in the year 1165.