Just to set the record straight, our enemies would certainly not call us neutral, but Springdale has also long welcomed those from other cities. Like Parrius, we have accepted former citizens from all cities. While Thakria may be \"evil\" and Mercinae \"good\", Springdale has made no formal distinctions and accept people from across the land.

touch august head off the usual nonsense about how this is entirely rhetoric:

- Yes, we have a history of leaning more toward the \"good\" side of things

- To the extent this is true, I'd suggest that Mercinae has always been a friend, while Thakria has repeatedly targeted Springdale. Granted, it's a two way street, but we've certainly never been invaded by Mercinae, or even had thi atttempted.


Recent fighting, SOI battles and ultimately treaty aside, Springdale has generally had a neutral stance toward Parrius.

In short, while I applaud you attempts to recruit people to your largely empty city, please get the facts straight. Springdale also welcomes those willing to commit to Springdale.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1165.