Noble Pursuits.

Flying High Shander Staramor, The Providerto Everyone

Well, give a man a hammer and everything is a nail, whether shoring or not.

Its no doubt hard for people to be such trained war machines and not find cause to kill... However. given a fine cause to fight for... its fufilling to use the skills we ( er others?) hone.

Now some fight for pride, professional pride in their abilitlies, others as a means to an end... its hard for me to say what is more insane, a pile of loot or memories of a kill... personally, if my vain fatansies be known, I'd like to mark the land with a peronal coat of arms should I have one. At any rate, there must be ways to fight vigorously in group warfare situational control without it turning into sadistic personal assaults. The noble spirit of fight I witnessed during the gem quest and its

Capture the Flag, as well as the moments of Marching and support of captains I found quite thrilling.

Without competitors and rivals our skills our wasted, but without a cause the fighting sinks too often to something sometimes fallen... wether it be called sadistic torture or a similar sort of righteous flagilation. Why don't we be sensible and fight for Gold and Land and the right to name things after ourselves while we control them (winK) Sensible stuff. Would mecinae and Springdale need to hate each other if they ever had eyes on the same SOI or could it just be, \"to the best side go the spoil


I for one don't need to hate my enemies, but my respect for them would seek me to undermine their position and to build my stregnths.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1165.