Parrius has and shall continue to accept those whom have felt alienated from their cities. Being the only truly neutral city to grace this land, Parrius has always allowed those of different ethos to be welcomed in our city, with only one request that is asked of them. That they do not betray Parrius.

Whether or not they chose to lend their aide to Thakrians, Springdalians, or Mercinaens is of little concern. It is their choice. That is Parrius, Parrians have the freedom to choose to do so.

Not long after a war with Springdale, Parrius accepted former Sprindalian citizens into their number. What was asked of them? Other than that if they choose to leave our fair city, they do so amicably and without betrayal, nothing. Some have chosen to do so, some have realized what Parrius truly is and have made their homes here.

As we have done with our former Springdalian citizens, we have done so with their Thakrian and Mercinaen counterparts. We have offered them the freedom to decide the role they shall play, without consequence should it not directly harm Parrius. We do not force propaganda upon our citizens, nor are we likely to listen to propaganda driven from someone outside our walls. If you have concerns for Parrius' well being, then I urge you to join the city of freedom, for otherwise you words shall be dismissed f

or what they are, weak manipulations from an outsider.

Diocletian, Parrian and free.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Midsummer, in the year 1165.