Fighters board.

I will redirect your post towards the fighters board where it belonged. Furthermore,

do not speak about those that pray in Nostradamus' temple. I took on Sajora and Rajj just last

night... alone. Rajj was slain and Sajora could not defeat me once. I am half their size.

Thakria is proud, strong and only dwindling in the current number of fighters we have.

Barcud, your patriotism is noteworthy, but Esprii is right I'm afraid. Every tactic a

Springdalian has used to win a fight was done first by the great city of Thakria.

I would never attempt to stop that. By all means, do evil as evil has been done to you...

I will be laughing with you at the end of that dark path!

Nauthsiiir Skulkarax

Written by my hand on the 12th of Cloudburst, in the year 1165.