Your skewed perception.

I could appreciate you defending your fellows if you didn't do so with such blind and abject hatred. It only serves to make your stance ridiculous at best.

Those commodities were property of the Rangers guild. They were collected by rangers. The were stored in ranger sheds. They were earmarked for ranger use. This means the theft of those commodities is stealing from the Rangers guild.

I neither said nor did anything to anyone but you. That was after you initiated an altercation without provocation. You so obviously wanted to kill me, I was simply giving you the opportunity free and clear. You and your patron recieved the boons from my deaths. What do you have to complain about?

Dunccan stole Ranger property from a ranger. Dunccan has gone from being a staunch supporter of closing the Brigands (using Springdalian troops to aid in that endevour) to demanding that a member of that guild be allowed to remain a citizen of Springdale. Tell yourself whatever you need to hear to make it alright in your head. Whether I am sane or not, and whether you accept them or not, the facts remain the same.

I said nothing remotely related to fighting. I made no threats. I reported a theft. I consider it my public duty to pass on such information. I posted publically for that purpose. Your stubborn insistance that I follow your orders is growing quite stale. I am not a member of any organization you belong to and will do as I please when I please. Unlike your underlings in Springdale I will not hop like a frightened rabbit when you say so.

I find it quite laughable that you have the gall to comment on anyone's self-control. There are so many stones being thrown about in that glass house it is truly a wonder how it still stands.

Be Nekkid and free the soul,


Written by my hand on the 25th of Mournsend, in the year 1165.