Your drivel.

Dunccan's change of heart regarding the Brigands guild?

What are you doing to get rid of the brigands, Aja? I don't see you doing anything except spouting your mouth off through your scribe and throwing massive tantrums at people who once thought more of you.

The items taken from you were in response to your complete and total lack of self-control and your idiotic behaviour towards myself and others. They were not taken from the Rangers guild. They were taken from you.

Think about how you represent your Guild and patron first before questioning others. Hiding in a temple all day long, living through posts and issuing 300 duels and challenges just to grief don't qualify as explemplary behaviour in my book.

You chose to post publically, so I responded publically as Dunccan's Guildmaster. If you have any sanity left, I beg of you to ask your scribe to post the inevitable (and annoying) response on the Fighters forum where it belongs.


Written by my hand on the 24th of Mournsend, in the year 1165.