my dear old friend!.

You misunderstand me! I said that's why Ender silly bear that he is, started the brigands. So yes you did read my post wrong! But! I'd just like to say that everyone has a place here, even Yunera. We all have our rolls to play and mine is to be a guardian of my city and it's interests, if meeting that goal means I have to remind Judico his guild was a pipe dream, then, I tell him.

To all my dear pacifist friends, I hope you see through this halfhearted attempt by Plaman to set you against me. Wether or not you are pw doesn't matter to me, it's the level of commitment to your city that is important.

If your goal is to horde and be uber rich, fine, but don't let your lives end like that of a certain mercinaen pacifist who had over 1,000,000 coin in his account. One day he got bored and quit, never did anything with it but horde it. Support your cities with your abilities, most already do, some don't we must enrich this land with our presence and our activities.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Paglost, in the year 1164.