Sajora, Narissa, Smudan, password dramas, etc.

An odd circumstance to make my brief return, I know, but I have seen a side of this argument that I doubt anyone else has, and though people rarely listen to things they don't want to hear, I will say them anyway.

To those who have been following this soap opera, I feel obliged to add my view as someone who, although away from the land, has seen very well what has been going on by virtue of my friends who still frequent this place.

I know for example, that Narissa as she realised what she had done the next morning was utterly mortified. Her first reaction was to admit her fault and display her remorse to the gods.

Her second was to talk to her \"co-conspirator\" who demanded she \"take the blame\" despite having handed her Sajora's password and encouraged her to \"do something\" with it. After which she apologised directly to Sajora.

Not once has Narissa denied or avoided blame; not once has she tried to diminish or excuse her actions.

She knows that although she was drunk, it does not reduce her culpability, but I do hope people realise it is not something she would have done while completely in command of her reasoning.

Smudan on the other hand, has shown his propensity to massively overstep the boundaries and betray his friends, while fully knowing what he was doing. Smudan has been punished, and Narissa will be punished, but I for one hope that account is taken of who was the instigator, who supplied the password, and who has admitted fault and shown remorse after the fact.

To Smudan: it's sad because I liked you once, in another incarnation, but the time for excuses is over. What should have been an apology has turned into a craven opportunity to try and shift blame.

I think the damning verdict of both friend and foe should have taught you the futility of such an effort. Show humility and you might have survived in some manner.

Instead, you have once again decided to go out in a dramatic blaze. One day I hope you will decide your contribution to the land can be more long-term and more positive.

To Sajora: stop overplaying the victim. You have been wronged but you have been inconvenienced rather than made to suffer extensively.

This is not your excuse to harm at a mortal enemy whose behaviour has slipped. I know for a fact that you have had profuse apologies and you have rejected them all, preferring the comfort of familiar vitriol over accepting genuine remorse.

I hope the gods punish the bad behavior and ignore your overblown demands of vengeance. You have your stuff back. The people who wronged you are exposed and will be punished.

Krill, from afar, but still keeping half an eye on the place.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1164.