and Narissa.

Sajora, Forever of the Eveto Smudan the Understudy

How ironic you make a post about the horrors of lying when you do so yet again more then a few times.

Lies I'll point out. You had my log for one whole day pretty much before passing it on to Miss Drunkard. You logged in as me to prove to Narissa you had my password before her going Oh cool! lets take her stuff. A god did not steal your items, just merely borrowed them so I can take a look inside for my herbs that just all happened to be in your pouches that you were trying to give away so I couldn't get access to them.

Here is the truth of what happened. You logged me in and then minutes later Narissa logged me in. You figured you could hide your IP address due to AOL sharing them with 15 other users. Narissa not being as savy and operating under her usual once a week freak out then outpouched my items and handed the harder to trace herbs and poisons to you which you kept. She then dropped my weapons and my headstaffs hoping someone else will come by and take them and then ran to Azrilli where she dropped my shop and

house keys and logged off at the stone cross leaving me on 500 hp and starving to death. (yah gee guys like I really wouldn't notice that when I came in)

And forget this she got it off a log business. Why would anybody want to pass around a log of someone bashing orcs. Wow exciting.

I'm not going to bother with the pretty words here as far as I'm concerned you and Narissa are scum. If the gods don't punish you believe me I'll use every resource I have here to do so myself until you equate Avalon with utter misery and even then you deserve worse.

Smudan you and all your incarnates have always been nothing but ego centric drama queens and this latest attempt to try to get as much attention focused on you as possible is extremely sad.

Hey Smudan somebody tampered with me did you give my password out? \"No! How could you accuse me of that! \" You sure? \"Yes! Oh man Sajora I'm so sorry that happened let me just give you some tyrlar that I picked (Translation - I stole from you earlier) back to you so I look less likely\"

Narissa, all you've done is try to bend the rules and blame it later on your insanity or drunkenness. You do nothing but train the young to be as obnoxious and cowardly as yourself until they grow up and realize what a annoying lunatic you are. Ever sense you lied to my face (rl no less) about robbing my shop I have had nothing but contempt and disdain for you and all your useless babbling.

Oh gee Sajora I didn't remember messing with your character! Smudan told me your password and goaded me on but oh man I was just so drunk I blacked out! Oh yah I saw you online but uh er I didn't remember then!! You see this er hangover made me forget yet I didn't forget being stripped and ranting to the gods about it over the BB. Also I didn't remember to confess until after Smudan told me on msn your IP was identified and to hurry up and figure out a way not to get my ass crispy fried.

If you two were so \"sorry\" how come I didn't get a message from either one of you? No warning from Smudan when I came in and saw Yunera running off with my headstaffs that you gave my log to Narissa. (Don't worry Yunera I'll be having fun with you soon) No message from Narissa apologizing profusely and wanting to arrange a place to return my items. You two morons are such pathetic liars that you'll even take it out of the realms of roleplay and continue on with your lies in a OOC setting just to cover

your own asses. I really hoped your mothers raised you better then that.

It will be a travesty if one is punished here and not the other. You two were equal partners in the art of dumbassery and hope you will be treated equal in your punishments.

Believe me I am very very capable of sadistic behavior and hold grudges for a very long time. Every time you two are outside and not on protection expect me there with a smile.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Cloudburst, in the year 1164.